Holistic Approach

Golf fitness has come a long way over the years. Since the 1990’s younger players have gotten stronger and more athletic while older players are playing longer and at higher levels than ever. Many of these improvements have come a result of the growing understanding in biomechanics and improved health. We’re not just talking about the professional golfers either, a focus on these areas in your own life will improve your chances of playing your best for years to come!

That’s where a Golf Fitness Professional like Robbin Lorenz certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) can help you reach your individual maximum performance potential. Lorenz Fitness is located in the golfDYNAMICS Performance facility.  Together, these TPI certified professionals are leading the way with innovative programming dedicated to helping you reach your goals and the results you didn’t think possible.

Ours is the first facility fully dedicated to golf performance in North Colorado and the only facility where you can sharpen your skills with 3-D technology simulators and work on your golf fitness in a state of the art sport performance facility while working with TPI Golf & TPI Golf Fitness Professionals under the same roof.

Whether you are a Professional, Junior, Adult or Senior, we quickly identify and address the areas in most need of improvement where fitness training will give you the biggest return on investment for your time and money.

Our TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professionals work with you to improve your body’s efficiency, power, balance and resilience in order to maximize your results on the course while reducing your risk of injury.

1 thought on “Holistic Approach”

  1. Crossfitter or couch potato you can benefit from training with Robbin. He can skillfully tailor a program to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and general well being. He claims to love doing what he does and his passion shows during every workout session. I am especially impressed with his follow up communications to get feedback from clients to further refine workouts. His training is not just for golfers; anyone of any age or fitness level can improve with his guidance.

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