My Philosophy

The reason I fell in love with playing Golf and sports, is the same reason I am a Fitness & Performance coach today – I love the challenge and pursuit of accomplishment, working to overcome something that challenged me and the feeling of accomplishing new that I didn’t believe I was capable of. I adopted the mantra Train Hard – LiveFIT many years ago. It’s what I believe and strive to live and instill in my clients. When we think of being fit we usually think of burning calories and losing weight. That is a great goal, but I want us to think movement and  function first. When we move better…

  • we feel better,
  • we play better,
  • we have lower scores,
  • we have more fun
  • and who doesn’t want that?!

I feel the same anticipation for my clients!  It’s all about getting him or her out of a comfort zone, the only way to grow and get better is to be willing to take that next step – that’s what makes a person successful!  My goal is to get you to your maximum potential in the best physical condition for lifelong fitness achievement!

I look at how well clients are moving today and what improvements we need to make so that you can perform at your highest level on a daily basis. My goal is to create repeatable movements and sustainable swing for my clients, educating and coaching until it becomes something you just do, day in and day out. Once you have an understanding of how your body moves, it’s limitations, and how to overcome those limitations, you become unstoppable.

I bring excitement & encouragement through both One on One & Group Training sessions. You will have fun, you might equally complain, you will have days you want to continue forever and days you want to just give up – but in the midst of that you will realize great reward for your investment of time and energy if you are willing to put in the work and stick to the plan.