Some people work better alone, some folks are more competitive and like a group setting – good thing we can do both.  Either way you prefer – we like to do all our training face to face.

      • Individuals:
        For those who prefer individualized personal motivation and coaching, Robbin will work with you one on one.  There is no one-size fits all, even in a group setting – but these programs are really targeted so that you can work on a specific need.  In addition to overall improvement programs – Robbin will often see clients with specific problems, like lower back pain or weakness in a specific area that they are targeting.
      • Small Groups:
        For those who enjoy the challenge of performing a group setting or attaining fitness goals within the company of friends, Robbin can put together plans for a crowd. Sometimes these are more fun, motivational, and cost-effective depending on what your goals for the sessions are. But don’t let the fact that this approach might be for more budget minded folks fool you – group training sessions of 3-4 people still allow for lots of attention to detail and a great workout so don’t think you can just blend in with the group!

*Keep in mind, Robbin is not a doctor and you should always seek medical care and clearance for any medical concerns before entering a fitness program.